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How to Make Your Produce Shopping Easy!

Are you super-busy and struggling to find time to get to the supermarket?

When you finally do get there, are you fed up with the poor quality of the fresh fruit and veges? We hear you!

Here's the freshness you've been looking for!

Hold the front page, because our weekly box subscription service is about to make your life a whole lot easier!

Eatlocal bring you super-fresh, premium grade, locally-grown, fruit and vege boxes of Tag 1 grade, meaning it’s the highest quality available in the grocery industry.

A box of fresh vegetables

With your to-do list probably being as long as your arm, it can be a pain to squeeze in time for grocery shopping. By having your fresh produce delivered, you won’t have to worry about finding space in your day and the energy to drive all the way to the supermarket, only to be confronted with floppy veges!

Boxes at door
Fruit and veg delivery, Christchurch

Once you've set yourself up with one of our simple weekly subscriptions you can add in any extras to your box, such as wood-smoked cheese, artisan breads and wraps, honey, fresh pasta and sauces (made right here in Christchurch), and so much more.

If there's something in the box that week that you know your family don't like, no problem! Just flick us a quick email to let us know and we can swap it out for you.

Having it all delivered straight to your door saves you time, money, and hassle.

A mini shopping trolley sitting on a keyboard

With just a few clicks of the mouse your shopping is done!


Here's what one of our weekly customers had to say about her Family Box delivery:-

We love our weekly subscription as it takes the thinking out of the fruit and vegetable shopping; offers seasonal variety, and we really value that it is sourced locally by a small business.
The produce is always fresh and long lasting. Joanne and her team are flexible and offer pauses on subscriptions when away and are happy to substitute contents if you don’t need or want something within the box that week.
Email communication is always very prompt and the delivery team are lovely.
We are happy, long-standing customers.
LK, Christchurch


We all know that fruit and veggies are a vital part of a healthy diet. However, getting kids (and, let’s be honest, some adults!) to eat them can sometimes be a challenge.

Why not use the delivery as an opportunity to try different things and perhaps discover new family favourites that you’d never thought of trying before? Having a regular supply of fresh fruit and veges will also make your meal planning a breeze as you'll have all your fresh ingredient on hand every week.

A pile of wasted food scraps

Another huge benefit of a box delivery is that it can help to reduce your food waste.

When you buy produce from the supermarket, it often goes bad before you get the chance to use it as it wasn’t that fresh to begin with.

fresh mushrooms
Freshest mushrooms!

Eatlocal's produce is so much fresher, not having gone through the supermarket supply chain, meaning it lasts a lot longer and thereby cuts down on wastage, saving you money in the long run.

We source from local growers, reducing the distance the produce needs to travel, and in turn support the local economy.

Buying from Eatlocal is also a great way to support other small businesses (most of our courier companies are family run), as are many of our artisan food producers.

Courier team from AZAP Couriers

AZAP Courier team members

Could a weekly box be a game-changer for your family?

If you're looking for a way to make life a little easier, give us a try. Your tastebuds, wallet, and sanity will thank you!


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