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Pasta la Vista, baby!

Some pasta on a floured bench coming out of a pasta machine

We offer a delicious range of fresh pasta, pesto and sauces from Pasta Vera, all made right here in Christchurch. "Vera" means "real" or "authentic" in Italian.

The founders of Pasta Vera, Phil Bennett and Linda Murphy, know what they are talking about. Having travelled extensively around, and falling in love with Italy and Italian food, they returned to New Zealand and have been making pasta in Christchurch for twenty years.

The fresh pasta uses a blend of durum wheat semolina, soft wheat flour, free range eggs, and water, allowing any sauce you add to cling to the pasta.


Tired after a long day and don't feel like spending time in the kitchen? Fresh pasta is so quick to cook - three to four minutes as opposed to 15-17 for dried.

Pasta in a bowl with a fork next to it.

In the time it takes to boil a pot of water, plus 4 minutes actual cooking time, you will have a satisfying meal right in front of you . Stir in your favourite pesto, or heat up a pottle of sauce in the microwave - either the creamy Carbonara sauce or Rustic Napolitana tomato sauce - for a quick, nutritious dinner.

Top with some freshly grated parmesan cheese for the full Italian-style experience.

Got a bit more time up your sleeve? Wilt down some spinach and sautée a few mushrooms to add flavour and texture for hardly any extra effort!

Vegans are well catered for, with a vegan tagliatelle, whilst the vegan basil pesto, already dairy free, is nut free and gluten free to boot! The Rustic Napolitana tomato sauce is also vegan, and gluten-tree. Pasta Vera have created a vegan 'ricotta' using cashew nuts, which is found in their Spinach & Ricotta ravioli. Enjoy the vegetarian Ravioloni (larger squares of ravioli) stuffed with a scrumptious mushroom, walnut and feta filling.


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