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Tell Me What You Want

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As we start to move towards the summer season and ... Christmas ... (there... I said it!), what new products would you like to see in the online store? More fresh produce or more gourmet artisan? Both?

There are a couple of things to keep in mind - it needs to ship well and keep well so it stays in perfect condition on its way to you, and it also needs to be able to fit in our boxes with all your other goodies.

A black front door with a metal pull handle and some boxes on the doormat, alongside a white planter box

There is so much awesome stuff out there, I tend to get pretty carried away when I'm researching, and want to bring you everything! I've found a few new things that are suitable, but let me know what you want! I'm all about bringing you fantastic NZ made and grown things, and want to make your shopping experience with me as exciting as I can.


I'd welcome your comments below with your awesome ideas and I'll see if I can make them happen. Thank you!


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