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Broth, Chicken, 500ml

Broth, Chicken, 500ml


Produced in small batches right here in Christchurch, the Little Bone Broth's chicken bone broth is made with nothing but 100% natural ingredients, locally sourced wherever possible.  Packed in a handy resealable pouch.  


Brewed for up to three days to really get all the wholesome goodness out, chicken bone broth is nutritious as well as delicious.


Drink it on its own or it makes a great foundation for supercharging everyday dishes. You don’t need special recipes; chicken bone broth is just like stock only packed with much more goodness and no added extras.


In fact, there’s almost more to say about what doesn’t go into this chicken bone broth than what does! It’s 100% natural, preservative free and low in sodium.


Not available on its own, but can be added to any box order including the "Create Your Own Box" option.

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