The Platter Heaven Box

The Platter Heaven Box

Hosting at your place?  This versatile collection of platter-friendly goodies will be sure to take your entertaining to the next level.  The horseradish sauce is great in a Bloody Mary or Virgin Mary too!  Get creative with your dips, grab a loaf of crusty bread and you're away!  A lot of these items will keep for ages, so it's a good way to stock up.
Your box will contain:-
1  Mandy's Horseradish & Apricot Mustard (270g)
1 Mandy's Horseradish Sauce * (270g)
1  smoked cheese by Hawkwood *  (330g)
1 hazlenut oil by Loburn Grove (100ml)
1 hazlenut dukkah by Loburn Grove (100g)
500g carrots
1 peeled red onion
1 capsicum
300g tomatoes 
1 Telegraph cucumber
1 large avocado or 4 small
1 lemon
*This box can only be shipped to an urban address due to refrigeration requirements*
  • Important product care information

    * These will be shipped with a cool gel pack to keep them cool in transit.  Please refrigerate upon receipt.

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