Help those in need box

Help those in need box


Do you know of someone who is really struggling at the moment, have their back to the wall and the cupboard is bare?

Many families under huge financial pressure at the moment and unable to put enough food on the table.

We have been inspired to do our bit to help and we are asking you to help us too. .... welcome to the "Help the needy"  box.

This is how it works.

From time to time we will offer boxes for only $10 each. This will be a similar box offering to 5-5 value box ( valued at $25) 

These will have a range of staple fruit and vege and may change day by day.

We would encourage you to invest in the $10 to buy this box and give to someone in need.

We will trust your judgement to make sure these boxes go to someone that really needs it. (it might even be for yourself in that desperate situation and we totally respect that) 

Lets all pitch in and help fight poverty in NZ.

Each box contains;

2kg Washed Southland Potatoes from Pypers Produce

1kg Canturbury Brown Onion 

1/2 Southland Carrots from Pypers Produce ( or 1kg of ugly carrots if in stock)

1 Kg of Braeburn

6 Mandarins.

1 Broccoli

Free delivery Urban addresses Nationwide, $5 Rural ,