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A 250g glass jar of Raw Clover Honey from Miele Apiaries

Honey, Raw Clover, 250g


Super sweet, and nice and runny. This Raw Clover honey is the same honey used in the Creamed Clover.  It's been tested and is 95% clover.  


The Southland bees have been busy collecting this sweet, raw honey. Miele don't mess with a good thing, so this honey is all natural, unpasteurised and processed without over heating.  It contains all the goodness the bees put into it, and that’s it. Over time some crystals may form in this all natural raw honey, but don’t worry this is completely normal. The texture will firm with these crystals and the honey will be less likely to run off your toast. If you prefer it a bit softer, simply sit the jar in some warm water.


Not available on its own, can be added to any order including the "Create Your Own Box" option.

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