The Keto Box

The Keto Box


Key into keto and have all your dietary needs met, without the temptation of sneaking a bag of spuds into your trolley! This box will be absolutely chock-full of top-grade fresh vegetables and the best, freshest free-range eggs to keep you right on track. Ideal quantities for the keto follower in the household.


Your box will include:-


1 broccoli

1 lettuce

2 green capsicum

500g courgettes

500g tomato

1 green chilli pepper

3 small avocados

Half a dozen free-range, pasture-raised eggs

1 250g punnet NZ blueberries


Available as a stand-alone box, or can be added to another box order.  Unfortunately, no other products can be added to this box due to space restraints.



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