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The Ultimate Salad Box

The Ultimate Salad Box


Here's a box of delicious, colourful veges to help make your salads pop.


Also included is a pack of Pinoli Pine Nuts,  the Supreme Champion winner of the Outstanding  New Zealand Food Producer Awards this year. Add to that a bottle of Parisettes salad dressing of your choice - choose from Aiolo, Sweet Mustard, or Salad Mayo.  Let us know in the comments, or one will be selected at random for you.


This week, your Ultimate Salad Box will contain:-


1kg potatoes

1 cabbage (red or green depending on supply)

1 Hass avocado

1kg carrots

1 Telegraph cucumber

1 lemon

1 lettuce

3 capsicum

1 bulb garlic

1 bunch spring onions

1 red onion (unpeeled)

4 tomatoes

1 pack Pinoli Pine Nuts

1 bottle Parisettes salad dressing of your choice


Photo is indicative only. We reserve the right to vary the contents depending on supply/seasonal availability.

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