Take the hassle out of choosing your produce

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Sick of heading to the supermarket only to find your produce of choice was unavailable or was looking old and limp?

eatlocal.nz is here to give you options with a box of fresh NZ produce, delivered directly to your door. 

Buying of us you bypass the risk of your produce sitting for days between harvest and sitting on the shop shelf waiting for you to come along. 

We are  South Island based, the home of some of the best vegetable regions NZ has to offer.

We now offer Nationwide Delivery

North Island main centres. 2 days (overnight option)

Southland Island main centres. next day (normally)
Smaller towns & rural delivery: 2-4 days

Orders placed on a Friday will be delivered after the weekend. 

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We now have a Weekly Delivery option. Just click once and get fresh produce delivered same day each week.  Cancel anytime. How easy is that? 

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