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Fruit At Work 

Providing Fruit at Work offers a healthy alternative to typical snacks, helps team members feel appreciated, and can contribute to a happier, more productive workplace environment.


Your Fruit At Work box will feature a varied selection of mouth-watering fresh, seasonal, premium quality fruit, beautifully presented in a returnable wooden crate. Contact us at or call 0212 565671 to chat about the requirements for your workplace.


Delivery is free to Christchurch CBD/Christchurch City office addresses.  (For locations outside Christchurch City delivery is $5).  Minimum order requirement $50 + GST.


Have other kitchen needs?  We can also supply milk (1L Boring Oat Milk, 2L Blue and Green), tea, coffee, fresh juice, and honey.  Milk and other supplies are in addition to a fruit order and are not available for separate delivery.

What people say about their Fruit At Work

  • "We are very happy with it…. also side note, those apples are incredible!"

  • "A wee thank you for everything you do for us, your delicious fruit box is LOVED by our team, many thanks."

  • "We are in love with our box this morning, super fresh and so colourful for our dull office!"

  • "Great service and the fruit quality is fantastic".

  • "Fantastic staff, great communication and lovely fresh fruit selection".

Read our blog post about the benefits of fruit at work here.​

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Fruit At Work is not eligible for Afterpay or Reward points..

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