About us

Order from the safety of home 


My name is Glen and I'm the founder of eatlocal.nz

I grew up on the
family Orchard in Nelson that had been in the family for over 80 years.
There we grew fruit and vegetables, for local and international markets and had a roadside shop,

In the early 90s we sold up and I moved to Invercargill with my parents, where we
continued to grow vegetables, and farm sheep.
Over the years, my passion for fresh produce has grown. Being farmers,
we always saw our produce at its best as we harvested it out of the fields.
It always frustrated me when we saw that same produce in the
Supermarkets a week later, looking tired and old and I guess that is the
reality of these big supermarket chains, it's all about volume, and price.
Offering fresh produce to New Zealanders by selling online was always a
concept I dreamed about and finally, after many years of dreaming,
scheming and planning, we started coming up with a concept that would
work. By having an easy to navigate website where people could order
and use the existing courier system to deliver directly to your door....this
was all brought forward with the crisis of COVID 19, spurring us into action
in early March 2020.

Within 2 weeks of launching our new website, NZ was
forced into lockdown and we were run off our feet...the day had arrived.
Since that time we have grown our range, improved our website, excelled
in our packing methods and delivery to give our clients the very best
experience in receiving fresh fruit and vegetables that looks as good when
it arrives as it did when it was picked in the field.
We source the best quality for value all around NZ to give you the produce
you deserve. Kumera from Dargaville, Mandarins from Kerikeri, Apples
from Nelson, Onions from Canterbury, Parsnips from Southland ...the list
goes on and on.
We're so grateful for your support, and so are our farmers!


Bon Appetit!

Glen Malcolm - Founder - Invercargill NZ