Hello, and thank you for visiting Eatlocal

We deliver boxes of fantastic quality fruit and veggies to healthy homes across New Zealand.  We’ve been around for about a year now, working with local Kiwi family farmers and growers.

Joanne Webb, who heads up the operation, is passionate about bringing you the best, freshest quality produce available, right to your door.  No supermarket “squeezed” or rubbery veggies here!  It comes from the grower direct to your door in super-quick time.

Taking up running at the ripe old age of 43, due to a chance remark from someone telling her she would “never be able to run a marathon”, Joanne duly accepted the challenge and has now completed several marathons (a distance of 42.2km – don’t forget the all-important 200m!).  So, she understands the importance of a balanced, varied diet filled with fresh, good quality food to nourish and fuel the body.

You can be assured that every Eatlocal box of goodness is packed with care and attention.


      “Those boxes are like my babies!  I take great pride in selecting the best produce for each customer, loving that they trust me to be their eyes when I create their box.  If I wouldn’t put it in my basket, it sure isn’t going to end up in theirs!”   


 - Joanne

Joanne's happy place is in the kitchen, discovering new recipes with an emphasis on cooking with vegetables. She would call herself a plant-based flexitarian – the lure of cheese is hard to curb!   As every chef, cook or food-lover knows, the quality of the ingredients is what makes the dish.

Joanne enjoys spending time with her partner, Chris, a willing recipient of all her cooking endeavours!  She can often be found walking their dog, Zac, a mini-Schnauzer, in beautiful Hagley Park, Christchurch.