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About Us

Joanne Webb, owner of Eatlocal with Zac, the mini-schuauzer.
Joanne Webb at the finish line of the New York Marathon in 2019

Hello, and thank you for visiting

Eatlocal has been delighting South Island homes and offices for three years now, sending out boxes of fantastic, premium quality, locally-grown fruit and veges.

Based in Christchurch, Joanne Webb is the passionate Owner/Operator of Eatlocal, wearing many hats in the business.  Her mission is to bring you the magic of the best, freshest quality produce right to your door, with unrivalled customer service to match.  Inspired by the amazing growers and makers here in New Zealand, she loves seeking out new products to wow her customers.


You can be assured that every Eatlocal box of goodness is packed with care and attention.


      “I take great pride in selecting only the best produce, and love that my customers trust me to be their eyes when I pack their order.  The thought of them opening the box and going "oh wow, this looks amazing" is what gets me out of bed in the morning!”   


- Joanne

Not one to back down from a challenge, a few years ago she took up running to prove wrong the doubters who said she couldn't run a marathon. Now, she has conquered the 42.2km distance fifteen times. Her running journey taught her the value of a balanced diet filled with fresh, high-quality food to nourish and fuel the body.


In the kitchen, Joanne unleashes her creativity and would call herself a "flexitarian" – the allure of cheese and a good burger is hard to resist!   As every chef, cook or food-enthusiast knows, the quality of the ingredients is what makes or breaks a dish.

Joanne enjoys spending time with her partner, Chris, and in her spare time you'll often find her strolling through Christchurch's beautiful Hagley Park with Zac, the adorable mini-Schnauzer and arguably the most photogenic member of the team!

Joanne Webb and Chris White of Eatlocal after a run in Dunedin.
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