Brown onions....where they actually come from ....

Here at eatlocal we like to know where our produce originates from. For example our Brown Onions come from the sunny fields of Swannanoa near Rangiora,right in the heart of North Canterbury.

Onions like a lots of heat and water when they are growing and they need it hot and dry once they mature so they can dry down and keep for the many months ahead.

Being a slow crop , onions are sown late winter in Canterbury and harvested in the following autumn.

Once matured , they are lifted out of the soil to dry in the sun. ....the dry hot Autumn climate in Canterbury is ideally suited for this, allowing the onions to dry naturally, unlike many regions who have to artificially dry theirs.

Check out the attached video clip and photos of what your onions look like before they you buy them.

All our onions are supplied ex field , which means they are a mixed size and many of them still have the remainants of their tops and roots still on them....

We like them like that, as it's about as close as you can get from paddock to plate.....

just like in the old days!