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Eatlocal Food Boxes In The News!

Eatlocal were excited to be approached by for a positive, good news business story covering how some businesses have grown during lockdown.

The article was published online and in the Life section in The Press - 'Demand for fresh produce boxes booms under lockdown.'


The journalist did the interview over the phone, and asked why our fresh produce box business had seen a spike in orders as New Zealand faced another lockdown.

“It’s fresh, it’s local, it’s much nicer than going to the supermarket and getting stuff that’s been in the chiller for a few days before getting on the shelves, and then handled by lots of people".

Joanne Webb from Eatlocal packing a box  and holding a pumpkin.


Joanne Webb from Eatlocal with a box of fresh fruit

A photographer came round a few days later to take some images to go with the article. This sent me into a blind panic as I absolutely hate being photographed!

Being super-busy that day, I was in front of the bathroom mirror just fifteen minutes before he arrived applying all the make-up!

Quickly coming to my senses, I scrubbed most of it off, deciding that this was not the time to be trying out new make-up techniques. Contouring, I'm looking at you....

The article generated a phenomenal amount of business, with orders from lots of new customers, together with new subscribers signing up to the website.

We have already had some awesome feedback!

"Many thanks and congratulations for providing this high quality, fabulous service. The freshness of your selection absolutely outstanding to the extend everything seemingly leaped out of the box"

RF, Christchurch


We would like to thank Stuff for running this piece about Eatlocal.

If you didn't manage to see it at the time, you can read it here.

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