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Fruit at Work: The Sweetest Deal for Your Office

Why Choose Eatlocal For Your Fruit at Work?

We all know that a happy team is a productive team. Yet, finding fresh and easy ways to keep morale high can be a challenge. That’s where Eatlocal steps in, offering you a seamless way to encourage healthy snacking and promote a sense of well-being in your workplace.

Allow us to introduce our Fruit at Work boxes, tailor-made to meet your team’s exact needs.

A box of fruit being handed over to the office manager.

We all know that snack time is crucial. It’s that quick break where you recharge, catch up with a colleague, and grab a coffee and something to eat. Now, imagine replacing those usual snacks with a fresh array of fruit tailored exactly to what your team likes. It's a small change, but it can have a big impact.

What we’re offering is simple: a delicious box of fresh, premium quality fruit delivered right to your Christchurch office, filled with stuff that your team actually wants to eat. It’s about giving everyone a healthier, tastier option for their snack breaks.

Beyond Just Snacking

We reckon that having a constant supply of your favourite fruits at work is going to do more than just satisfy those mid-afternoon cravings. It’s going to make the whole team feel looked after, a bit more appreciated, and definitely more keen on grabbing fruit instead of something less healthy.

Here's what a few of our happy clients have said about their Fruit At Work:

  • "We are very happy with it…. also side note, those apples are incredible!"

  • "A wee thank you for everything you do for us, your delicious fruit box is LOVED by our team, many thanks."

  • "We are in love with our box this morning, super fresh and so colourful for our dull office!"

A wooden crate filled with fruit.

We take great pride in ensuring that every piece of fruit we deliver is of the premium quality that our clients have come to expect. Our selections are based on what is currently in season, guaranteeing not only the freshest taste but also the highest nutrient content. As the seasons change, so does our fruit range; we rotate our offerings to bring a vibrant variety of flavours straight to your workplace.

Every season brings something new and delicious to look forward to, keeping your team both happy and healthy with New Zealand's best bounty.

Flexible and Commitment-Free

We understand that as a business, your needs and preferences can change. That's why we’ve designed the Fruit at Work initiative to be ultra-flexible with no contracts and no sign-up periods. It is as straightforward and commitment-free as it gets!

Let’s Get Your Boxes Sorted

If you’re in Christchurch and feel your office could benefit from a fresh fruit infusion, give us a shout. We’re here to work out exactly what your team needs, and we’ll get your tailored Fruit at Work boxes sorted in no time. We proudly serve a wide spectrum of businesses, accommodating teams as small as 10 and as large as 400. With a minimum order of just $40 + GST, we offer free delivery within Christchurch Central CBD.

Let Eatlocal elevate your office environment. Get in touch with us and let's craft the perfect fruit box for your team today!


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