Family Box

Family Box


Feed the Family for a week! our family box consists of the following;

2kg Southland carrots 

3kg Southland  potatoes

1 small Crown pumpkin 

1 small cabbage (or cauliflower /broccolli)

4  navel oranges

1 kg Braeburn apples

2 lemons

500g kumara

500g parsnips

500g Onions

1 x avocado

4 tomatoes



Please indicate when you order if you want cauliflower or Broccoli, otherwise you will get cabbage.  


The pictures indicate the amount of what you actually get. Due to the nature of produce supply, there are some things that are unavaliable on some days. When this happens we will include something similar of similar value.


    • 2 x bunches of Southland carrots
    • 3kg Southland Agria potatoes
    • 1 small Crown pumpkin (approx 1.5kg)
    • 1 small cabbage (approx 1.5kg)
    • 4 navel oranges
    • 1 kg new season Red Braeburn apples
    • 2 x lemons
    • 500g kumara
    • 500g parsnips
    • 500g Brown Onion
    • 1 x avocado
    • 500g tomatoes

    Most of these items are NZ grown except when we can't get out of NZ we will use imported produce. Picture indicates what you get, but can sometimes vary due to supply shortages.


    Delivered to your door, South Island only.

    Orders placed Fridays may not be delivered until after the weekend

    Rural delivery incures an $5 surcharge


    If you are not completly satisfied with your box, we will either replace it or if you prefer , refund your money back..... no questions asked!