Mustard - Horseradish & Apricot

Mustard - Horseradish & Apricot


The sister product to the famous Horseradish Sauce, Mandy's Horseradish & Apricot Mustard is a full-flavoured aromatic infusion of apricot, horseradish and chilli, fleshed out by plump mustard seeds.  It’s delicately sweet, tangy, balanced, and oh-so-delicious slathered atop the like of Christmas ham and roast pork, or dolloped generously into marinades and glazes.  Packed in 270g glass jar.


Currently only available with additional box order, not on its own. 

Can be added to any box order  including the "Build Your Own Box" option.

  • Storage instructions

    Shelf stable in pantry until opened, then store in refrigerator.

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