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The Essentials Box

The Essentials Box


This box is offered as the ultimate long-keeping produce option. Filled with more volume but less variety than the Family Box, the Essentials Box is brimming with items that will keep for ages, and caters to those who want to purchase enough to stock up for a wee while.


Your Essentials Box will contain the following fresh goodness:-


3kg potatoes

1kg kumara

1 Crown pumpkin

2kg brown onion

1 cauliflower

1 cabbage

1kg carrots

2 chilli, red

500g lemons

2kg apples


**Please note, as this box is very full, we are unable to add any other items to this box.** If you require more products, please add the $5 for a second box.


Photo is indicative only. We reserve the right to vary the contents depending on supply/seasonal availability.

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