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How To Give The Gift of Freshness

... and stay close to your college-goer

A student holding a large box of fresh fruit and veges

At, we understand that sending your loved ones off to college is a milestone that brings a mix of pride and worry.

We also know that maintaining that connection is paramount, especially when they are miles away in the scenic South Island.

A selection of fresh fruit

But, what if there was a simple, thoughtful gesture that could keep you close to their hearts and tummies?

There is! Bridge that distance with our freshest, premium-quality, locally-sourced produce boxes and let them know you're always near.

As they embark on this exciting part of their lives, they're bound to face challenges. One such challenge is maintaining a healthy diet amidst long, late-night study sessions and the inevitable midnight snacking.

It's no secret that a balanced diet can work wonders for physical and mental health. For college students, proper nutrition boosts energy and stamina, enhances concentration, and fights off illnesses, ensuring fewer sick days and more active participation in college life.

A student in her kitchen with an open box of vegetables

Craft the Perfect Box with Us

Now, we know what you're thinking - what if my child doesn't like certain veges? No problem - you can personalise the box based on their preferences.

Simply choose our "Create Your Own Box" option and send things you know they would absolutely love to eat!

A selection of fresh vegetables

Of course, you could also send one of our pre-set boxes, which are always carefully curated with fresh, seasonal, local produce.

Encouraging them to eat healthily now can set them on a path of good habits for life.

Plus, every bite can be a reminder that their family cares, even from afar.

Pop in the occasional surprise treat, because, why not? From Christchurch-made chocolate bars to delicious nut butter, we've got something to satisfy every craving.

Want to make it more special? We can include a personalised note from you to remind them of home.


How does Eatlocal ensure the quality of the fruit and veges? Quality is our priority. Our fresh produce is sourced from local growers, and we pack each box with care and attention, ensuring only the best gets sent. Trust in Eatlocal's commitment - our reputation has been built on delivering the finest.

What if my child has specific dietary preferences? No worries! We can cater to any dietary needs, ensuring every box is just right. We stock a wide variety of dairy-free, gluten-free, and vegan products so all your bases are covered.

Can I set a regular delivery schedule? Absolutely! Schedule a delivery cycle that suits your child's needs.

What's the delivery timeframe? If we receive your order by 11 am, it will be dispatched and delivered the next working day (for Christchurch addresses). For other regions, please allow 1-2 days.

Are there any delivery charges? We charge $10 for urban delivery to anywhere in the South Island.


Supporting your college-aged child's well-being has never been easier. With every box sent, you're ensuring they receive quality, fresh produce. Opt for a simple, effective way to stay connected and prioritise their health. Jump in and explore what Eatlocal has to offer.


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