Aaahh ... the humble spud...

How versatile are potatoes? Doesn't matter how they come - hot chips; wedges; hot chips; mashed; roasted; hot chips; as a summer potato salad - they are all absolutely delicious! Did I mention hot chips?

Home made hot chips/wedges are on pretty frequent rotation in our kitchen, The seasoning can be whatever you want - a dash of paprika, mixed herbs and salt flakes is my current favourite - but play around with whatever herbs and spices are lurking in your pantry and experiment!

A good tip I've found to is to dry them off in a clean tea towel once you've cut them up. This stops them steaming rather than baking in the oven, and helps the seasoning stick really well. So, get your spuds, cut to your desired size, dry them off, chuck on a bit of oil and your seasoning, toss them around a bit to coat and then pop them in the oven. Bake until golden.

Enjoy with a home made aioli or good old tomato sauce, and you're laughing! So easy, so cheap AND you know exactly what's gone into them, unlike the bags of oven chips you buy at the supermarket!

We've got washed Agria potatoes on special this week until Wednesday at only $2.50/kg, so snap some up and get chipping! Order here:-

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