Ever Wondered Where Your Free-Range Eggs Come From?

Updated: May 5

I had the pleasure of visiting Lamond Poultry Farm in Charing Cross, Canterbury, to learn a bit more about where Eatlocal's fabulous free-range eggs start their journey to your box.

Lamond Poultry is run by Andy and Felicity Lamond who have an amazing set up, with a high-tech grading system to ensure the consistent weight and size of every single egg. Each egg is passed through a light, called "candling", which can highlight any impurities inside.

A series of machinery in the egg sortation process with conveyer belts and crates

A field with hens pecking at the ground, with their laying shed in the background

Felicity and I walked out to the sheds, through the paddocks, accompanied by her two lovely dogs. I looked behind me and felt like the chicken equivalent of the Pied Piper, with a trail of hens following on behind.

There are approximately 15,000 laying hens on the farm, which covers about 20 hectares. plus a small flock of sheep and a goat that the girls get to hang out with when they are outside, There was a gorgeous one-day old lamb too, with its very protective mama stamping her hoof at me to warn me not to get any closer!

The hens were super-interested in the buckle on my gum boots and pecked away at it whenever I stood still.

They were quite a vocal bunch, as you can hear! Apologies for the sound quality!

With huge thanks to Felicity Lamond for sharing her knowledge and educating me about free-range egg farming.

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