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Tea for You!

Eatlocal are delighted to bring you a selection of organically grown herbal teas from Julie Booth's "The Herbal Garden", a 2-acre permaculture sanctuary in the Selwyn District of Canterbury.

Julie has been fascinated with gardening since she was a small child, and this love of nature and sustainable living has brought her to where she is today, with her gardens containing herbs for medicinal as well as culinary uses, plus fruit orchards and flower gardens.

Julie trained as a Cordon Bleu chef in the UK and ran her own restaurant, as well as working closely for private clients all over the UK and Europe, meeting people who introduced her to the abilities of herbs as remedies and medicines.

I visited Julie back in May and saw her beautiful gardens - looking amazing even in the winter - and the drying rooms where her herbs and flowers are laid out to dry after harvesting before being made into teas, balms, and bath salts, amongst other things

A view of a garden with a shed in the background
A drying rack with nine compartments, holding some dried flowers

A pack of dried tea with a see-through panel at the front.

We offer you three different varieties of herbal tea - a Lemon & Ginger Blend, infused with lemon verbena, lemon thyme, lemon balm, ginger and lemon peel - a real zesty zinger!

A pack of dried tea with a see-through panel at the front.

The Relaxing/Sleep blend is great to drink at the end of a busy day. It includes herbs known for their calming properties - lemon balm, hyssop, chamomile and lavender.

A pack of dried tea with a see-through panel at the front.

The Pick-Me-Up Blend is a refreshing and uplifting tea that helps boost your energy levels. It includes lemon thyme, peppermint, and calendula.

All the teas come in a recyclable 30g pack. Simply add 1-2 teaspoons of the loose-leaf tea per cup, add boiling water and enjoy!

For more information on Julie's amazing gardens, see her website here.

Directions on how to make the best of your herbal tea

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