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Seven Steps To A Clean And Tidy Fridge

Free up valuable real-estate in your fridge and give it a thorough once-over by following these simple steps. Each time you open the door to your sparkling clean fridge, you’ll be glad you invested the time in it!


A woman kneeling in front of an open fridge wearing a green apron, with her hands on her head.
  • Take everything out and put it on the bench. If you can’t face tackling the whole thing in one go, just start with the top shelf and work your way down.

A pile of compost with earthworms in it.
  • Anything "fresh" that’s too far gone can go in the green bin or on the compost heap.

If you are composting, be aware that worms don't like the allium family or citrus peels, so avoid adding leeks/onions/spring onions/citrus peel to your pile or you will kill off all the good guys!


A piece of baking paper with roasted vegetables on it, alongside a bowl of balsamic vinegar
  • Grab some chopping boards and lay out everything that’s not super-fresh, but still ok, This could be cut up into even chunks and roasted in the oven to make soup or hummus. Get creative with hummus - there's more to life than just plain chickpeas! Roasted carrots, or roasted beetroot make amazing, flavourful hummus!

  • Check the dates of all your opened jars and bottles, and be brutal in ditching them if you can’t remember when you last used them. It’s amazing how “Use within 4 weeks” can suddenly turn into “Oops - I think I opened that sometime in August". Get into the habit of writing the date you open it on the label with a permanent marker, then you'll never have to guess again!

Someone wiping out a fridge wearing bright yellow rubber gloves and holding a cloth
  • Take the glass shelves out and wash in hot soapy water, and then dry them. Wipe down the interior of the fridge and the door inners and seals with a damp cloth and a suitable cleaner.


  • Wash the salad drawer thoroughly in hot soapy water and dry it completely before putting the veges back in.

Celery being washed under running water at a sink.

A good habit to get into is to wash and dry your fresh produce when you get it delivered. That way, you know everything is clean and hygienic before you start cooking, and you won’t have to spend time doing it before each meal prep.

The exception to this is mushrooms! They are already full of water, so just wipe them gently with a damp cloth and keep in their paper bag.

  • Give the bases and lids of the remaining pots and jars a wipe-over, then put it all away, and give yourself a pat on the back for a job well done!

Now that your fridge is clean and organised, you'll enjoy the satisfaction of opening the door to a fresh and inviting space. Plus, those forgotten condiments and mystery containers will be a thing of the past! This clean fridge feeling is a breeze to maintain with a quick wipe-down every few days and by following your newfound produce-washing habits. So go forth and order your next grocery haul – your fridge is ready!


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